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Rock Bottom Success by Keysha Dale

Keysha Dale Author

It’s Friday! You know what that means: FRIDAY FINDS!

I must give full disclosure here. Keysha Dale is a client at my PR Firm. Whenever I’m working on a project that might be of interest to my readers, I share the message here.

And, boy does Keysha have a message.  She hit rock bottom in her career but pulled herself together and is now at the very top of her game as a healthcare executive. Hence the book title, ROCK BOTTOM SUCCESS. In this project, Keysha shares her story but more importantly, she shares every lesson from her failures and successes. These pearls of wisdom are not only inspiring, but they are also educational.

Rock Bottom Success Book

Rock Bottom Success Book Blurb

Bold, honest, and inspiring, Rock Bottom Success is a journey of loss due to poor decisions and triumph from learning in life’s most teachable moments. Author Keysha Dale painstakingly gives her readers a Birdseye view of the good, the bad, and the ugly of growing up while you level up professionally. Filled with pearls of wisdom derived from Keysha seeing the lessons in failure, which ultimately catapulted her from sleeping on friends’ sofas to having a seat at the table in her chosen career, Rock Bottom Success is a handbook every career woman needs in her briefcase.

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If you know a young woman who is struggling to find her footing in her career, pass along this book. She’ll thank you later.

About Keysha Dale

Keysha Dale is a healthcare executive and an influencer who uses her business acumen and professional prowess to help other women succeed in the workplace and in life. She does so much more than play her role at work, she actively seeks ways to improve the profession through service. Dale is the District of Columbia (DC) Long-Term Care Administration Board Chairperson and the National Association of Long-Term Administrator Board (NAB) State Governance and Regulatory past Forum Facilitator. Currently residing in the Washington, DC area, the wife and mother tours the country sharing pearls of wisdom from her book Rock Bottom Success. Keysha is committed to equipping women for career success through authentic mentorship.

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There are some extremely cool bloggers hosting stops on the tour. Just to keep you motivated to follow along, we’re doing a scavenger hunt. And, a cool prize will be given to the first person to submit the correct responses. Click on the questions here.

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  1. […] My former client, Keysha Dale, attributes her success as an executive in the healthcare industry to having great mentors. She believes it is necessary to help others navigate their path to success because someone helped her. No matter your age or position in life, you have something to offer a mentee. You can learn more about her story here. […]

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