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Planning Ahead, Reviewing My Goals + Justice for Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain

The way 2020 is going, I’m not sure if I should feel anything about a new month. It feels like the first half of the year was 6 years. But, I digress.

Nothing about this year has gone as planned but since I’m still here, I thought it was prudent to reevaluate my goals and adjust my approach. Maybe, just maybe, I can accomplish a few items on my list by the end of the year.

Honestly, it seems trite to review goals when no one has been arrested for the death of Breonna Taylor and there is still no justice for Elijah McClain. Today, I want you to remember their names and take time to sign petitions and to call local officials.

I’ll probably post my goals–rather, how I will tackle the rest of the year, in a few days. But right now, my goal is justice and it is to bug people who can make decisions of the senseless loss of these two precious lives.

Be safe. Hug your loved ones.

Black Lives Matter.

And, remember Breonna and Elijah.

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