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Mindful Acquisitions | Getting the Best Return on Your Money, Time, + Energy

Mindful Acquisition

One thing I’ve learned over the past month or so is being mindful requires thought. At the end of last year when I selected my word for 2020, I never would have imagined that the intent behind the word might not come to fruition.

I didn’t write a blog post about it but the word I chose is ownership. When it came to me, I thought my husband and I would be buying a new home, finally getting our family out of a small apartment. Then, a few things happened that makes me wonder if we will reach this goal by December 31. I’m still hopeful but circumstances have made me re-imagine what I want and need in a home. More on that later.

During the month of May, I started practicing mindfulness which led me to be more thoughtful about the things I buy. Remember, we’re actively saving and searching for the right home. I haven’t bought one planner sticker and we didn’t eat out once. I also tightened the belt on a few hobbies, subscriptions, etc. I consider several things before I buy anything:

  • Do I need or want this?
    • If it is a need, is it an immediate need?
      • If it’s not an immediate need, set a purchase date and save for it.
      • If it is an immediate need, buy now and tighten the belt somewhere else.
    • If it is a want, how will it benefit me or my family? Why do I want it?
  • How can I buy it while getting the best value?
  • Does this item move me closer to my goals or my family’s goals?

I call this process mindful acquisitions. It takes time and energy to earn money. When I spend frivolously, I don’t honor the time and energy behind the purchase. In addition, a good portion of the “must-haves” we get end up buried in the back of our closets, at a local thrift shop, or, worst of all, in a landfill.

Being mindful about purchases redirects energy to better, more beneficial undertakings. But, being mindful led me to realize that anything I pick up is an acquisition. Let that sink in.

  1. What I think, I acquire as a part of my thought process.
  2. What I read, watch, and listen to, I acquire into my mind.
  3. What I eat, I acquire into my body.

And, each of those things cost me something. It costs you something, too.

Getting the best return on your time, energy, and money comes down to having goals that you can refer to as you make decisions. You get the best return when you know why and understand what you’re investing in.

Are you being mindful?

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