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Are You Okay? Checking in from Georgia

Are You Okay? Checking in from Georgia

I wasn’t going to write but I didn’t want to not say anything to you. So, I’m checking in. I’m okay.

I’m home with my family. As a result of being forced indoors, I started exercising via Zoom with my sisters, led by my husband. In addition to working out online, I am now serving as an assistant teacher. Really, I just make sure the boys log into their classes each day (pay the internet bill), my boys have excellent teachers online.

Are You Okay?

Like many people across the US, possibly the world, my family is practicing social distancing. My husband, two boys—both teenagers, and I have been working and attending school from our apartment. This is the first time we’ve ever been confined to our homes together, ever.

My oldest son and I are introverts. All we need is food, water, and our laptops/books. My husband and youngest son, well, let’s just say adjusting to life indoors is a challenge.

We’re Okay

We’re okay over here, living with many of the same worries as each of you.

I worry that my husband, who has an apartment near his job, which is hours away, will be called back to work before it’s safe. Because I’m a contractor, I worry about sustaining my remaining clients as many businesses eliminate non-essential personnel. I work in marketing and public relations. In most cases, we’re the first to go.

I worry about my mother, who is a nurse, working on the front lines in an OB-GYN clinic. I also worry about my cousins (one is 8 months pregnant) and my aunt who are also nurses and my uncle who is a surgeon. I worry about my brother, who is a truck driver. I worry about the people I serve in my local church and community, who were struggling financially before this global pandemic forced the majority of us indoors.

Are You Okay? Checking in from Georgia

I worry. Then, I pray.

If you’re not okay, please reach out to others. You can even reach out to me. I’m here.

I cycle through a myriad of emotions on a daily basis. Most of the time, I’m okay. My sisters and I share funny memes that we find online. My 13-year-old and I watch Kitchen Nightmares together. My 16-year-old shows me the results of his coding projects. And, my husband and I talk about everything from COVID-19 to my current work in progress to working out.

I guess I’m more social now. I think the better word is physical distancing. You can still be social while staying physically away from others.

I want you to be okay, too.

I want your family to be okay.

I want your health to be okay.

I want your finances to be okay.

I want your relationships to be okay.

We will get through this, together.

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