About Makasha

Makasha Dorsey is an award-winning author, motivational speaker and publishing industry publicist. Her personal essay Diary of an Aspie Mom is included in The Motherhood Diaries (Strebor Books/Simon & Schuster). has written for Absolute Write, The Midwest Book Review, Snaps1000Words, The Daily Times Leader, and ModVive Magazine.

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First Family Secrets

“Like the wick of a firecracker, it starts to sizzle in the beginning, then it explodes with mayhem, mistresses, and so much mess in the ministry, including murder…" —Chrystal, www.TerrificReads.com

A secret worth killing for threatens to destroy two families and an entire congregation.

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Book Makasha for an Event

"If you are seeking a virtuous woman to present the importance of knowing who you are and whose you are; look no further than Makasha Dorsey." - LaKesha Womack –minister, business consultant

Compel your attendees to see beyond their current situation and move towards their destiny.

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Safe Sun: Black Women Need Protection, Too

According to SkinCancer.org, “Late-stage melanoma diagnoses are more prevalent among minority patients than Caucasian patients; 52 percent of non-Hispanic black patients and 26 percent of Hispanic patients receive an initial diagnosis of advanced stage melanoma, versus 16 percent of non-Hispanic white patients.” In other words, 1 in 2 Black women diagnosed with melanoma will need […]

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Jumping Head First into Camp #NaNoWriMo

Last night, on a whim and needing to give myself a push to finish book two in The Church House series, I jumped head first into Camp Nano. Last year I failed miserably at NaNoWriMo. November is NOT the month to write in my family—three things: football season, birthday and Thanksgiving. Hopefully, July is considering […]

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Window Shopping | #Snaps1000Words | June 2015

Our team over at www.Snaps1000Words.com took a hiatus—because we needed one. I’m the first one back with Window Shopping. My editor gave it the perfect segue: When being the RIGHT woman doesn’t mean he’s the right man. Have you ever been there? The right woman for the wrong man? Marissa finds herself in the most […]

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Shelia M. Goss Releases 21st Book: Secrets Uncovered

As an avid reader, I buy tons of books. However, I’m always impressed when I come across a great writer who is also a great person. Shelia Goss, who is a nationally bestselling author and 2015 AAMBC Romance Author of the Year, is that writer. And, I applaud Shelia as her 21st book SECRETS UNCOVERED […]

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Reader Question

Do You Hate The Church?

In addition to learning that more than 500 copies of First Family Secrets (affiliate link) have been downloaded from a pirate site, one of my readers sent me a heartfelt email. I won’t go into detail about the entire message but I will respond publically to one question she asked: do you hate The Church? In […]

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The Best Mascara EVER! Thanks @aestesyounique

I live in the house with a man and two boys who have the longest, fullest eyelashes ever. Why is it that men always have beautiful lashes and women must make ridiculously weird faces to apply mascara and use those painful eyelash curlers. Having beautiful eyelashes just got easier! Younique Independent Presenter Autumn Estes sent […]

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The Tiny Princess and the Missing Chocolates by Nancy Shakespeare

Tatum the Tiny Princess loves chocolates more than anything.  One day, Tatum cannot find her sweets and embarks on a “chocolate quest” all over the castle to find them.  After searching everywhere; all the while blaming her family, she is humbled to find her chocolates were not taken by anyone and that they had been […]

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