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New #Snaps1000Words Published: The Moment after Hello

Have you noticed that fairy tales almost always have an outdoor or wilderness type scene? In Cinderella it is when the maiden is fleeing the palace and loses her shoe on the steps. In Snow White, well, let’s just say it is pretty much the entire story. The same is true for Rapunzel. It might

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Window Shopping | #Snaps1000Words | June 2015

Our team over at www.Snaps1000Words.com took a hiatus—because we needed one. I’m the first one back with Window Shopping. My editor gave it the perfect segue: When being the RIGHT woman doesn’t mean he’s the right man. Have you ever been there? The right woman for the wrong man? Marissa finds herself in the most

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When the Clock Strikes | New Story Posted over at #Snaps1000Words

Last month I told you about my joining the team over at Snaps1000Words.com, a website dedicated to creating 1000-word short stories based on pictures the contributors see or take. Well, a while ago I visited an elderly man. His house was filled with beautiful trinkets, antiques and conversation starting knickknacks. One piece that caught my

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