Good, Before & After He Finds You

A Lesson in Perpetual Personal Branding

Personal BrandingThe average marrying age for American women is roughly 27-years old. Keep in mind this is the average age, with many women being far older before they finally walk down the aisle. This means women must not only be prepared to make it on her own but she must be able to successfully engage in marriage after she’s been living on her own for most of her life. In this presentation, I use the marketing mix to help you learn how to position yourself to be successful before, during, and after marriage.


This presentation was designed with the 21st Century woman in mind.  I explain how to meet your maximum visibility level in the various areas in your life so that you can position yourself for success.

  1. Why Personal Personal Branding? We have so many options on what we can do but often allow what we can do dictate who we are. If you don’t know who you are, how do you expect to land the right job, place in the community, or an awesome husband.
  2. Get Found: Marketing Mix.  Knowing your personal brand is but half the battle. You must position yourself around the right people in order to be the woman of choice.


Any woman who wants to maximize her visibility so that she can gain success in the marketplace, her ministry, and in her current or future marriage. I have taught this workshop at conferences and offer one-on-one coaching for women determined to establish their personal brands.

Expected Outcomes

  • Your audience will understand why personal branding is important and how to establish their own personal brand.
  • Your audience will understand the basic components of promotion and learn how to use those processes to market themselves to expand their personal brand.
  • Your audience will leave the presentation with actionable items that can make an immediate impact on their marketing efforts.

Why I’m able to present this workshop:

  • Developing and promoting brands is my job. I have more than 15 years experience helping artists, entertainers, personalities, and businesses take their products and services into the marketplace.
  • I am a woman who understands how competitive you have to be to achieve success. I’ve learned that competition can be friendly as long as you know what unique talents you possess and how to use them for your intended market. We don’t have to be messy.
  • I started building my personal brand before I became a wife. Knowing who I am made it easy for me to get found as a wife by a good man. It also helped me to build credibility in my community, at my church, and among my peers.
  • February 8, 2013 marks my 10-year wedding anniversary. The tips I offer during this workshop are used in my own life and are applicable to being a wife and mother as well.

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