Diary of an Aspie Mom

Filtering through the noise of autism to help parents raise healthier children.

Diary of an Aspie Mom

One in 88 children are diagnosed with autism; no one knows why and there is no known cure. Whether a child is typical, on the spectrum or has some other disability, parents want to raise healthy, happy, and well-adjusted children. In this presentation, I share how record-keeping, planning, and participating can help you to be your child’s best advocate.


Using my own life experiences, case studies, and relevant research, I explain how to use every day situations and resources to help parents be better advocates for their children.

  1. Nobody told me this could happen. Every parent dreams of having perfectly healthy children. Nothing prepares you for a child on the spectrum or with other special needs. I explain how to accept a diagnoses and how to begin the journey of helping your child.
  2. I don’t know what to do.  Often, we are faced with circumstances with which we have no personal point of reference to navigate. Fortunately, we live in a time where the Internet is a blaze with information 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. I will show you how to find tools and resources to make your life easier and to get your child the help he needs.
  3. I’m tired and alone. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. This is especially true when you have a child with special needs. However, it is hard to leave your child with friends and family who don’t know what to expect. I will show you how to communicate with those closest to you about your child’s disability and I will provide sample caregiver forms and explanations.
  4. How will my child function at school? One of the most difficult choices parents of children with disabilities have to make is deciding on an approach to education. There are countless resources available for children on the spectrum and with other learning disabilities. The trick is knowing your rights as a parent and the rights of your child. I will show you how to work with your child’s school to get the services your child needs.
  5. Pulling it all together. What is the purpose of having information if you don’t know where it is. I show you how to organize your information so that you can run a better home and have more time to be a family—and not be defined by the disability.


Any parent who wants to raise healthy, happy and well-adjusted children. While much of this information is geared to parents of children with disabilities, it can be used to help parent typical children. Every child needs a parent with a plan.

Expected Outcomes

  • Your audience will learn how to deal with the news of a disability diagnosis or how to cope with an existing one.
  • Your audience will learn research techniques that will help them find help for their child via the local, state, and federal government as well as through community service organizations.
  • Your audience will learn how to communicate their need for help to their family and friends.
  • Your audience will learn how to work with their child’s school to ensure a safe, educational journey.
  • Your audience will learn how to organize their lives to make it easier to function as a family in the face of disability.

Why I’m able to present this workshop:

  • My personal essay Diary of an Aspie Mom will be released in May 2013 in The Motherhood Diaries (Strebor Books) by the # 1 bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley. The essay was derived from some of the antidotes I use in this workshop.
  • My oldest son has Aspergers Syndrome and my youngest son is a typical child. I’ve spent my time as a mother ensuring that both of my children have bright futures. My husband and I work diligently at parenting.  And, I’m pleased to say that our little aspie matriculates in classes with typical children without incident and is a straight A student. The typical child is quite bright, too.
  • I am a researcher by nature and love to share what I’ve learned.

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