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Do You Hate The Church?

In addition to learning that more than 500 copies of First Family Secrets (affiliate link) have been downloaded from a pirate site, one of my readers sent me a heartfelt email. I won’t go into detail about the entire message but I will respond publically to one question she asked: do you hate The Church? In

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Unboxing the Paul Mitchell NEURO UNCLIPPED 1.25 CONE

NOTE: I received this product to review from While this product was offered for free, the opinions about the Neuro Unclipped are my own. The packaging is beautiful. Inside of box. The Neuro Unclipped is a sleek piece of equipment. First thoughts … At first look the Neuro Unclipped by Paul Mitchell is a

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7 Lessons from Selma, an Oscar-nominated Movie about Rancorous Times

I grew up in the South—Mississippi as a matter of fact. My exposure to racism as a child was nothing like you’d expect. To date, the area I grew up in is still relatively segregated. Not necessarily in a bad way but segregated nonetheless. I didn’t encounter the “N” word shouted at me from the

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