Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Lover | 79 Words

”I’ll never cheat!” Rachele glowered. The ladies around her absently agreed, knowing they had once believed those same words. That was six months ago, before she began to feel stuck, and before the deliciously tempting neighbor moved into the empty rental next door. Initially, she’d walk by hoping to sneak a peek. The temptation was […]

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The Moment After Hello

Hello. Donna raised the water bottle to her mouth with her left hand, giving the handsome man she’d just plowed into a view of her naked ring finger. The cold water trickled down her throat, quenching the thirst evoked by the run she’d completed in record time. Twenty-six minutes. Had it taken one-minute longer, Mr. […]

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3 Feminine Relationships Every Woman Needs

My heart bleeds for women. It is one of the driving forces behind me growing my business. I want to provide opportunities for women to excel in motherhood while having personal success in their careers, businesses, and relationships. I study women and pay attention to thought leaders in women’s studies. As social media has grown, […]

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Calendar Visual

Make It Happen

On most New Year’s Eves, I attend an early service at church and then toast in the New Year with my family at home. We returned to this tradition after my boys informed us that they missed doing certain things as a family. Ringing in the New Year at home, instead of church was one […]

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SNAPS1000 Story: A New Creation

The old me is gone Ashley Thigpen thought as she walked through the double-glass doors of the store-front church she’d joined less than an hour ago. The minister, Ashley thinks his name is John but can’t remember, told her to keep reminding herself that she is a new creature in Christ. She wanted to believe […]

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Finding Your Focus When You’ve Lost It

One of the hardest parts of marriage and motherhood is the constant struggle to operate in your own identity independent of your husband and children. When you don’t know who you are, it is almost impossible to focus on where you’re going or where you’re leading your children. I’ve been there, so caught up into […]

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Keysha Dale Author

Rock Bottom Success by Keysha Dale

It’s Friday! You know what that means: FRIDAY FINDS! I must give full disclosure here. Keysha Dale is a client at my PR Firm. Whenever I’m working on a project that might be of interest to my readers, I share the message here. And, boy does Keysha have a message.  She hit rock bottom in […]

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