Adopted by God

Walking in the Inheritance of an Almighty Father.

Adopted by God

One of the biggest errors we make as Christians is not realizing that we are heirs of a powerful, boundlessly rich and awesome God. We become defeated in our relationships, in our academic pursuits, with our finances, and in the marketplace. In this presentation, I share how to use the principles of Ephesians 1:4-5 to walk in the authority God gave you when he adopted you into his family.


Using my own life experiences and biblical research, I explain how not knowing who you are in Christ can cripple you in your spiritual journey and how to walk in the authority rightly given to you by God the Father.

  1. Welcome to the family. You are in the best family in the universe but since this is your adoptive family, you have no clue as to how your family benefits you. We will discuss your rights and privileges in as a Kingdom Heir.
  2. I love you God but where were you.  So many times our perception of our own fathers and father figures keeps us from fully learning how to lean on God as Father. We discuss forgiveness and why we might have to forgive God—even though he can do no wrong.
  3. Being with Daddy. There is nothing anyone can do to take you away from God. Building a relationship with him is necessary to enjoy the fullness of your inheritance.
  4. Signing on the dotted line. Like an engagement ring on the hand of a soon-to-be-bride, it is good to have a reminder that you are a part of God’s family.


While the original workshop was geared to women, men can benefit from the contents. Let’s face it: we live in a fatherless world and it impedes our ability to readily accept God as Father because we don’t know what fathers do.

Expected Outcomes

  • Your audience will learn what the Bible says about their place as a child of God.
  • Your audience will learn how to identify forgiveness of God due to their own perceptions of who God should be because they have not adequately experienced who  God is.
  • Your audience will receive a certificate of adoption as a reminder of their place in God’s family.

Why I’m able to present this workshop:

  • While I’m not a fatherless child—I have one of the best dad’s on the planet, I struggled with my own identity because my birth certificate does not show my father’s name. It took years to get over the shame and I still become uneasy whenever I pull out that piece of paper.
  • I had to realize that my perception of God made it difficult for me to go to Him for my needs.

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