My Best Friend’s Brother

“Makasha Dorsey has written an entertaining short story that has a nice surprise, but more importantly My Best Friends Brother makes a nice case for not being so quick to judge others. Fun, quick read.”
– Angelia Vernon Menchan, Author of the Cinnamon Black Series


My Best Friend’s Brother (February 2012)

Church going Mikayla “Mickey” Watson expects that she will be ridiculed for becoming best friends with Stacy Ann McIntire, a woman who lives a lifestyle unpleasing to most Christians. But, when Mickey falls for Samuel, Stacy’s sexy brother, nothing prepares her for the heartache she endures at the hands of the pair.

Note: At just over 9,500 words, this is a novelette—shorter than a novella but longer than a short story.


“You must be Mickey,” Samuel said then took a seat next to me on the couch. “Sam told me you were pretty, but she lied. You are gorgeous!”

The pictures I’d seen of Samuel didn’t do him justice. His thinly grown, slick goatee encircled his lips, making them the star of his strong, handsome face. He looked a lot more like Sam than I expected. They had the same round eyes, but hers were dark brown and his were a chestnut brown with long, lush lashes. I wondered what his would feel like as butterfly kisses on my chest. I managed to say thank you as he walked into the kitchen.

“Want something to drink?” he yelled from around the corner.

Knowing if I were around him long enough I would definitely break my two-year strong celibacy commitment, I said, “No thank you. I have an early day.”

He cleared his throat the same quiet way as Sam. “I don’t bite,” he said as he placed a tall glass of sparkling water with a lime wedge in front of me. “Anyway, Sam tells me all the time how the two of you stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning gossiping and watching TV.”

“Why did you bring me this?” I asked, holding up my favorite beverage.

He shrugged. “Sam hates this stuff and so do I. Since you are the only person she talks about, I assumed it was yours.”

“Oh!” I took a long sip. I tensed when his knee brushed against mine. Why is he sitting on the love seat with me when there is a big empty sofa over there? “I really must be going. Thanks for the Perrier.”

I left Samuel’s apartment wondering if the sexual tension I felt around him was due to my self-invoked sexual hiatus or if it was because he reminded me of the real reason I took time off from sex. Although I told others I was celibate because I was trying to live right, a partial truth, I stopped having sex because of Robert, my ex. After I gave myself to him intimately, he had me. He was the type of lover that left you so satisfied, so entranced, it took a few days to snap back into reality. I was intoxicated on his love until his reality made me sober.

After only a few minutes with Samuel, I could see myself getting lost in him the same way.

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What people are saying …

“This was a good short story. I was shocked to learn the connection with the twins!!! This is a good read!!” – Victoria Roberts

“I loved every minute of the reading. I mostly loved the message of forgiveness and also that although you may be a Christian, you don’t have to let the church control and dictate every decision you make. Live your life according to God’s conviction of your decisions, not man.” – Alicia Thomas

“I really liked this short story. I did NOT see the twist coming at ALL.” – Kelly Burns

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