Happy New Year! Pray. Plan. Do.

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Today is January 11, 2019. I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year.

I’m beyond being excited about 2019 because I’m knee deep in work. Last year was GREAT. This year will be GREATER.

Goals and Such

A few years ago I stopped sharing my goals. That changes this year. I realized that I wasn’t achieving my goals because I was pursuing the wrong things. I pursued what was popular instead of what was purpose driven. That left me setting purposed driven goals that had no space in my financially focused life.

Basically, I focused my energy on money instead of what I needed to be complete. Yes, we all need money to live but, as my friends say, “all money ain’t good money.”

For a while, I felt guilty for blogging because it wasn’t a major revenue stream. Then, I started getting sponsored post and spent more time thinking about marketing the blog and products for brands. It didn’t feel real to me but, I was getting paid.

I started curating my post based on trends instead of what was burning in my heart. I’m sorry that I missed the opportunity to share content that matters to you. Forgive me?

While I will still have advertising and sponsored posts, I will make sure that everything aligns with my heart and not with what I think I need in my wallet.

5 Major Goals.

  • Chase God.
  • Love Me.
  • Love My Tribe.
  • Grow My Businesses.
  • Improve My Finances.

It seems like a lot, huh? Before you tell me about setting SMART [Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely.] goals, please consider that this process works for me. I set one goal this way last year and I attained it. My other goals? Not so much.

Pray. Plan. Do. Goal Tracker set on Etsy

The Pray. Plan. Do. Process (Well, a brief overview.)

The one goal I set last year was based on my purpose. So I prayed about it and then found supporting scriptures.  After I prayed about it, I planned the key tasks  or milestones I needed to reach the goal. Finally, I created things I needed to do on a quarterly and monthly basis. I then used my calendar (a Happy Planner) as a means to list my actions, my “do’s” on a weekly and daily basis. It worked.

Pray. Plan. Do. Goal Tracker set on Etsy

Pray: Seek God about a need, want, desire or accomplishment. Find supporting scriptures as well as quotes and books about it.

Pray. Plan. Do. Goal Tracker set on Etsy - Quarterly

Plan: Break the lofty goal down into key tasks/milestones and then create supporting tasks for each quarter and month.

Happy Planner Mom Classic Layout - Where I DO

Do: Pray and Plan are important steps because it helps you not to be overwhelmed when it is time to DO.  Once a week, refer back to your quarterly and monthly goals to make sure you’re on track and use that information to plan the upcoming week, breaking your milestones and key tasks into actionable items.

You can purchase these sheets on my Etsy shop or you can join my Facebook Group and get them for free.

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