The Rocks Will Cry Out

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The Propaganda Against Christianity started the war.

The Rocks Will Cry Out

Everyone wanted rights—civil rights. They fought for our entitled human rights, those rights we are afforded because we are intelligent enough to argue our position. Same-sex marriage rights. Rights for descendants of African slaves. Rights for Native Americans. Science made us humans so we are all the same.

Christians wanted to legislate morality. They wanted to tell people who, how and when to love. They wanted to make sure that every child lived even if the mother would die during delivery or if the child was a product of incest—the child had rights, too. The Christians lost. Morality, the leaders of World Government ruled, could not be legislated.

Every Christian was widely ostracized. Any belief in the Bible meant you were the enemy. The attack on Christians became so widespread that the government deemed the religion a nuance to society. The doors to the church were closed. Then, one by one every major religion was picked off and organized religion existed no more. According to World Government, there are no more Jews, Buddhists, or Muslims. And, more than anything there are no more Christians.

We know better although we do not believe. We were outcasts from our families because our carelessness about the gospel puts their lives at risk. World Government wants to relieve the world of the gospels that have been passed to us via family genetics and verbal stories. Our indoctrination starts at the moment of conception. There are no Bibles anymore, only Carriers of the Gospel. I am a carrier.

Born into the House of Leon, a direct descendant of the high priest Melchizedek, I am de’Leon. Science has been a blessing to my people. Through scientific discovery, our family climbed through the new caste systems created by World Government. We became a highly respected house, but we held a secret. We were Christians. More than one-hundred and seventy-five years ago, a quarter of a century after the Bible Moratorium, my great-great-grandfather Elliot Leon created the Genesis Code.

Initially, Genesis Code was used to lace a person’s DNA to match the labor force needs of society. If it was projected that a shortage of doctors would occur twenty-five years from now a percentage of conceived embryos would be injected with books, lectures, and medical research. This evoked a desire study medicine long before a person could technically make a decision. My family bred a new species of prodigies who could be whatever the government needed them to be. All choice was taken away.

Knowing the government would eventually outlaw Christianity as the moratorium advanced to the seizure and destruction of all Bibles, Elliot began implanting the entire Bible into the DNA of his offspring and other relatives. Soon, clergy from every corner of the world sought his help. World Government found out about Bible DNA Implanting and started killing anyone rumored to have spiritually enhanced DNA. Christians went underground and have been hunted ever since.

My family is convinced that the anti-Christ is at the helm of World Government. How can a single anti-Christ run a government for more than two-hundred years? In all of our medical advances, no human has lived more than 125 years.
Carriers are a threat to the utopian society created by World Government. They want to annihilate all of us, even the ones who do not believe. They have no use for us and our families are ashamed of us. If I were a believer, I would say that I am cursed. But, I am not. I am simply infected with someone else’s information. Someone else’s choice for me.

This knowledge implanted in me influences me against my government. It will not allow me to adhere to the laws of the land although I want to live without this belief. My life’s purpose is to carry and pass on what is indoctrinated into my DNA. Although I do not believe, I cannot deny. That is my dilemma.

I have been captured by World Government. Right now I am in the pristine whiteness of their inner sanctum. They know that I cannot deny the Word of God even in my unbelief. They want to kill me. Unconcerned about my pleas for my life and the life of my son in the next room, the soldiers are ordered to torture us, even my six-year-old child.

I wept as the guards flailed me with a cat o’ nine tails. He stood, his eyes dark and face as plain as the alabaster walls around us. He asked, “Where does the House of Leon hide?”

“I. Don’t. Know.” I responded, forcing each word through my aching airways.

From the next room, I heard my son whimper, “Yes. Jesus is the Son of God. He is my Savior and will rescue me in my time of trouble.”

My heart ached. The child could not deny. A pop then a thump. I knew he was dead; sacrificed for World Government’s cause.

“Your son just met his savior,” the new guard taunted me with my son’s crimson blood still fresh on his crisp white uniform. He hit me over the head with the butt of his weapon.

I awakened in a barren place, face down on rocks of all sizes. I couldn’t be dead. When I had my senses about me, I realized that I was in that barren wasteland I’d heard tales of when I was a child. People were sent to this place to die in torment through thirst and starvation.

“Glory to His name,” someone whispered.

I looked over my shoulder but no one was there.

“You are worthy of all praise.”

Each time I lifted my head from the ground the words faded. Tired, I put my head down to rest then I heard a multitude of voices singing praises to God. Each expressed gratitude for the opportunity to praise HIM alone.

I was awestruck when my DNA registered the occurrence. The rocks cried out in worship to God because humanity refused to. Because I refused to. Realizing my mission in life was incomplete, I submitted to the data pulsing through my veins. I submitted to the truth I’d always known. He is real.

I pleaded for forgiveness.

I thanked him for mercy.

I worshipped fervently—silencing the rocks.

The Rocks Will Cry Out

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