Fifteen Minutes is All You Need to Fight the Frump

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Do you know a mom who always looks good? I do. It doesn’t matter if she is heading to a business meeting or running into a parent teacher conference, these women show up not only looking good but appropriately dressed for the occasion. You’d think they “woke up like this,” but they didn’t. They have beauty and fashion regimens that fit their lifestyles. You can have one, too if you want it bad enough to do the work.

But, you said fifteen minutes to fight the frump. I promise I am not misleading you. There are ways to get dressed in fifteen minutes or less and look amazing when you leave home.


Fight the Frump Fabletics


Plan to Look Good

All women are naturally beautiful, so we all look good. But, we want to look better without it consuming our lives and bank accounts. Almost every woman I know has uttered I have nothing to wear while standing in a closet jam packed with clothes. Adopting a seasonal capsule wardrobe allowed me to pare down the items I keep in my closet so that I could plan my outfits with things I love.

I enjoyed the capsule wardrobe so much I created a fitness capsule. Eventually, I learned how to mix items from my seasonal capsule with my fitness capsule. The affordable athleisure brand Fabletics is a great way to introduce color and style to your wardrobe.

Know Where Great Skincare Starts

Great skin care starts in a bottle. Drink plenty of water to remove impurities from your body and to stay hydrated. Have a nighttime beauty regimen in place that cleanses and exfoliates as well as fights acne and the signs of aging. Water consumption and healthy skin make it that much easier to fight the frump.

Your Morning Routine to Fight the Frump

I assume that you already have a morning routine that involves hair care, a shower, and a clean, moisturized, SPF protected face. From here, let’s get dressed.

The 3 Minute Stretch: Ignore the urge to grab your smart phone when you awaken. Instead, take a moment to exhale the night and inhale the morning. Settle your mind and affirm yourself for the day as you stretch to get your blood pumping.

The 5-Minute Face: This is a day-to-day, easy make up routine. Apply a CC or BB cream for skin that appears fresh and supple. To add color, I use a makeup capsule to keep me from digging around in my train case. I have simple daily options for blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Apply eyeliner, mascara, and a finishing powder.

The 7-Minute Shimmy: You’ve already planned your outfit so grab it and get dressed. Are you wearing Fabletics? From there, take the time to add accessories, change purses, and put on your shoes. You’ll even have a minute to snap a selfie to share on Instagram.

If you plan and have a routine, your mornings will yield the time you need to look and feel good.

What do you do to fight the frump?

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  2. shelley Reply
    It's possible to be casual and not look sloppy. Just a little forethought and those few extra minutes make a world of difference.

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