Hello February: I Have Unspeakable Joy

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February is a pretty cool time of the year. We’re finally past the holidays and far enough in the New Year to know that we don’t have to keep wishing others a Happy New Year. I’m not mean and I do want everyone to have a great 2017. But, now I don’t have to think about it or wonder if making the wish is passé.

And, if you’ve followed me a while you know that February is my favorite month and Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.

Black History Month and Love

As a mom of two Black boys, I enjoy teaching them about their history. Yes, I am a descendant of slaves but my story—and theirs—is so much greater than that. Black history didn’t start or stop with the North Atlantic Slave Trade. We were a people before we were stolen to various lands. So this month, even as things look bleak with the hate brewing in the United States, I can give love to the people in my life, while embracing my history. I am proud of my heritage and I learn from the lessons it gives.

Unspeakable Joy

While Relentless is my word for the year, I choose a word and a scripture to meditate on each month. February’s word (words) is unspeakable joy.

Unspeakable Joy

And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord; It shall rejoice in His salvation. - Psalms 35:9 Click To Tweet

As I work through some things in my life, I’ve decided that happiness is not enough. Happiness ebbs and flows with each passing moment or event. I want joy—even during my times of sadness. And, the past few years have brought me much sadness. I could have succumbed to it. Instead, I made a deliberate choice to find joy.

I stopped complaining (about most things) and started appreciating. I stopped meditating on my problems and started seeking viable solutions. I stopped giving other people, places, and things power over me and started taking control over the things I could control.

This month I’ve decided to take my joy to another level. I have decided to pursue more Jesus. This means reading my Bible more and serving others more. I’ve learned that when I take my attention off my problems and seek to help others, joy comes to me. My blessings flow.

When I think of how He brought me through
and how, how the Lord changed my life;
my soul, my soul is overwhelmed.

I’ve got joy, joy, joy,
unspeakable joy.

Joy unspeakable, full of glory,
joy unspeakable, pathway bright.
Joy unspeakable, full of glory,
joy unspeakable, burdens light;
everytime I think of the goodness of the Lord.

–Unspeakable Joy by Douglas Miller

These lyrics are exactly how I feel. In spite of every bad thing—and there are some bad things going on—but I  know God has my back. That’s all that matters. How do you keep your joy flowing?

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