Table for One, Thanks! by D. Michelle Thompson

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Singles are often singles have been singled out as lonely, “thirsty”, need a “hook-up,” or worse desperate. Friends and family don’t make it easy with concerning statements like, “I just want you to be happy.” OR “If you are happy with you, then you will attract someone to you.” What’s next? Set the table for one.

Table for One D. Michelle Thompson

Table for One, Thanks! echoes more learning from these interviews through the fictional storyline of Eric. The story is complemented with both scriptural references and D. Michelle’s creative play on word meanings like “Mishalots” to “miss a lots” to uplift readers from a seat of being “singled out” to “called out” seek more joy, purpose and victory.

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Interview with Table for 1, Thanks! author D. Michelle Thompson

I learned that men too struggle with the same issues as women but in a different way... Click To Tweet

When did you realize you had a book (or some books) inside you?

I’ve always known, in some small way. But I received confirmation as I drove home from my best friend’s funeral in November 2001. I was asking God why did I walk so closely with my friends battle for healing her marriage and healing her physical body for both to appear to be lost. She died a few days after the divorce papers arrived. He gently told me this was my ministry…to help people not die but live forever because they have been made whole…at one with God through Jesus Christ.

Why is the theme of this project important?

We live in a day where many people regardless of marital status or religion feel alone, incomplete, Table for One D. Michelle Thompsonor less than victorious and are turning to addictive relationships with people, drugs, and even Reality TV to get a “fix”. We need to know the only fix is to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ.

What did you learn about yourself while writing this book?

I learned that men too struggle with the same issues as women but in a different way in their journey to live whole and holy.

I learned to have more compassion for men and navigate how to be a strong woman and delicate lady at the same time to allow the men in my life to take their God-given place at the table.

I learned to SHUT UP and allow men to correct other men and pray for men and the women that “prey” on them and that they not “prey” on other women…or men.

How do you find time to write?

I don’t find time to write until I sense I have “lived” something I am to teach. I recognize there are seasons and apart from God I can do nothing.

Therefore, when I hear the Holy Spirit imparting revelation and new understanding to old knowledge I try to capture nuggets on the fly with my prayer/dream journal next to my bed daily.

Then when it is time for a book or workshop I execute a 24-48-hour LOCK-IN by myself where no phone or TV is allowed. During this time there is a time of worship, confession, and then Bible Study or Word Study on the topic(s) or themes I have seen reflected in my recent journal entries or what I hear the Holy Spirit leading me to after the time of worship.

Then the writing overflows…

If you could work on a writing project with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be? Why?

The apostle Paul would be a great co-author for me to collaborate with on my “oneness” book series. But not just because of his admonishment to “stay single, less trouble”. I enjoy how he uses illustrated words and contextual teachings that will etch the meaning of the scripture into the vessels of your heart and depths of your soul.

About D. Michelle Thompson

Table for One D. Michelle ThompsonD. Michelle Thompson, MBA, and author of Table for 1, Thanks! has twenty years’ experience in Advertising and Marketing. Throughout her corporate career, she had the opportunity to work for top advertising agencies and consumer packaged goods companies; Leo Burnett U.S.A., Foote, Cone & Belding, and Procter & Gamble. In 2004, she started her own consulting firm, Designed IV Destiny LLC. dedicated to empowering people through her writing, teaching and speaking. Ms. Thompson is also the founder of Table for 1 Ministries Inc. dedicated to empowering healthier, whole relationships among youth, women, singles and ultimately the entire family. Her work has garnered diverse opportunities such as; speaking to Singles’ at Lakewood Church Houston, Texas, Colours® TV show distribution with a Dish® Network (no longer distributed), and travel to Dubai to train Sales and Marketing leaders of a Middle East candy company.

What’s her message? JOY. PURPOSE. VICTORY. Regardless of the location, D. Michelle Thompson writes, speaks or teaches to impart more joy, purpose or victory to audiences. She believes her mission is found John 17:21, that a table for ONE, whole and complete in your purpose and your relationship with God. D. Michelle says, “when vertical relationship is right, your horizontal relationships line up.”

You can learn more about D. Michelle Thompson at

Table for One

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