Sister You ARE More Than Your assETS!

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This is the first Friday Find of 2016 so I selected a book that could speak to women. “Sister You ARE More Than Your assETS!” more than spoke to me. It confirmed some of my personal values and made me meditate on the WHY  that is me.

I read this book because Angelia Vernon Menchan, or as we call her on Facebook Mama Deep, offers clear, concise motherly wisdom in her posts and comments. Even her fiction books are woven with stories that forces you to question and dig deeper. She is a women all women, especially brown women, should read.

More Than Your Assets

Sister You ARE More Than Your assETS! Synopsis

Sister You Are More Than Your assETS! is a mentor’s outreach to young sisters. Angelia Vernon Menchan has penned a timely book sharing her life experiences as a growing and grown woman in overcoming sometimes daunting experiences. It also speaks to the way in which women can love, support and empower other women, sometimes simply by being there. This book is in no way a fix for the ills of society and will not speak to every reader. It is meant for those who can take what’s needed and pass on the rest.

Sister You ARE More Than Your assETS! Interview

How can young women build better relationships with other women?

By learning to trust and accept that all women aren’t our competition for men or looks or accomplishments. We are often divided by superficialities rather than bonding over More Than Your assETSways we can assist each other. Much of that comes with accepting our own worth and value. That’s difficult if we have never seen it mirrored. That’s where mentors are most beneficial. We can speak into a young woman who can then speak into others. A mentor can set up workshops that speak to and teach these things and those groups become foundational for lasting relationships.

How did I learn to say yes to you (me) while being married and raising children?

I had to. It was easy to become lost as a soldier’s wife and a hands on mom. I had to force myself to do things for me. Sometimes it was as simple as closing off in my room with books all day or going to watch a movie alone. It’s mandatory to have time to be a woman, not just wife or mama. Even when they try to guilt you, you must stand strong. It’s full of learning curves and guess what if they care about you they adjust. Writing is now the ME thing and all that comes with it, including travel, speaking and events.

How important is it for a married woman to earn her own way without emasculating her man?

It’s  extremely important. I recall getting married and not working for a while. My mom and aunts had a conversation with me explaining we all need our own.

As women when we earn more or more titled we have to learn not to allow that to be how we handle our men. Constantly reminding a man you earn more or have a better job is akin to him calling you fat or ugly. Respect is more important to men in the same way love is to women. Handle what you two have as a collective. If your worth is in earning more you will have a hard time being or staying married.

Work and success is so personal and should be about growth more so than something to divide. Mr. and I discuss finances and what our expectations are and we have household accounts and small personal accounts. That works beautifully for us. Also it’s important for me to take care of him as my man, I prepare meals and other things. He’s my husband and leads our household. We both have significant contributions. I’m a tasks manager, he’s a crisis manager.

About Angelia Vernon Menchan

Sister You ARE More Than Your assETS authorAngelia Vernon Menchan is author, publisher, wife, mother, nana and mentor. Since January 2006, she has published 38 books and countless ebooks through her small publishing company, MAMM Productions. She is also the Co-founder of Honorable MENCHAN Media, through which she has published books for other authors. Her personal motto is, ‘There is abundance through God for all of us; we simply have to be open for our blessings.’ She resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and cover designer, Maurice Menchan.

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