Shelia M. Goss Releases 21st Book: Secrets Uncovered

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As an avid reader, I buy tons of books. However, I’m always impressed when I come across a great writer who is also a great person. Shelia Goss, who is a nationally bestselling author and 2015 AAMBC Romance Author of the Year, is that writer. And, I applaud Shelia as her 21st book SECRETS UNCOVERED is released today.


When I first started my writing journey I joined so many Yahoo writing groups that I could barely keep up. Then, I made it my business to find people I could support while I learned the craft. I met Shelia in Essentially Women, a Yahoo group devoted to female writers. We had rigorous schedules and, in order to stay in the group, you absolutely, positively had to participate. She was one of those members who always responded with thoughtful critiques laced with encouragement and useful suggestions.

Over the years, with book deal after book deal, Shelia has remained the same. In 2011, Shelia and another author, Miranda Parker, held an online writer’s workshop. Both women gave so much to the participants. Some of us have gone on to be traditionally and self-published, with some pretty awesome things to say about Miss Goss.

LaShaunda Hoffman – Founder & Editor of SORMAG

Shelia Goss will always hold a special place in my heart.  She reached out to me and offered to create a template for SORMAG’s website when I first started it.  She’ll never know how much that meant to me.  All I had to do was cut and paste, saved me hours of time.

She has been a writing mentor for years.  When I have a question she is the person I turned too and I love she always was quick with a response and with extra tips.  I know I’ve become a better writer because of what I’ve learned from her.

When I was ready to step into the indie publishing path, she was right there again offering advice and sharing her wisdom.

I’m truly thankful for our friendship and for her always giving back to the writing community.  Thank you Shelia, love you girl.

Veronica Fields Johnson – Freelance Writer/Journalist

In 2011, Shelia Goss partnered with the late Miranda Parker to host a FREE online writing workshop for aspiring writers. She took time out of her busy schedule for several weeks to post lessons, give writing advice and critiques of work to the participants and has remained available for additional writing advice since. That type of access and expertise could easily cost several hundreds of dollars, but she shared her gifts at no charge. I’m grateful for her mentorship, her approachability and the wonderful spirit of giving that dwells in her life.

Sonya Visor – Author, Playwright and Founder of TruU Ministries

Thanks for the opportunity to share, I could go on and on about her. Because even today, she will still assist etc.  If I went overboard, chop, chop, chop. lol
The generosity of this author is amazing and it all started, for me, in the 2011 Shelia and Miranda Writing Workshop! The information poured into each participant a wealth of information that didn’t cost the participants anything but application. To simply take the principles and apply it to your writing–priceless! Shelia Goss is a wonderful, unique, storyteller who not only keeps her readers captivated, but causes them to desire more.

So, from our perspective Shelia Goss is one of the best kept secrets in the publishing industry. Information about her newest release is below:

Secrets Uncovered by Shelia M. Goss

A hot one-night stand could lead to a once-in-a-lifetime chance at love.

secretsuncoveredbookcoverAs the producer of one of TV’s highest-rated shows, Kem Phillips has a knack for creating the perfect leading man. But love in real life? No thanks. She has no interest in repeating her mother’s mistakes.

Thank goodness the star of her newest project is discreet. No one knows about the one-night stand they indulged in at her best friend’s wedding. He’s also a gentleman who always seems to be there when she’s in a jam.

Brent McKenzie has had his share of memorable moments, but that night with Kem is as fresh and hot in his mind as if it was yesterday. He’d love to be the man who comes to her rescue in all possible ways—if she’d let him.

When an emergency call sends Kem racing home to Louisiana, she goes against her better judgment and accepts Brent’s offer to go with her. Yet as everything she thought was true about her past crumbles, is his emotional support something solid to lean on…or a crutch she dare not trust?

Secrets Uncovered is available online. Order your copy directly from the publisher

or purchase from other online retailers such as:

Barnes & Noble:

About Shelia M. Goss

Shelia M. Goss is a screenwriter and national bestselling author of twenty-one books. Secrets Uncovered is her twenty-first book in print. She writes in multiple genres.  She’s received many accolades in her career, including being nominated for a 2015 AAMBC Literary Awards in the Romance Author of the Year category.  USA Today says, “Goss has an easy, flowing style with her prose…” Shelia loves to hear from readers so feel free to contact her via her website: or follow
her on Facebook at  or Twitter @sheliamgoss.

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