Love is Everything by Elsie Hillman-Gordon

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Love is Everything

Do you like to read inspirational fiction? Do you believe that people who have loved and lost can find true love again, that a hurting heart can heal, and that God’s love will see you through difficult times? If so, you’ll enjoy reading Love Is Everything.

It’s the story of thirty-five year old Vanessa Dennison—a woman struggling to find joy in life and doubting her faith in God after losing her parents in a tragic accident. But after reluctantly accepting a blind date with Elliott Reeves, a handsome widower with a strong faith and young daughter, she embraces anew her relationship with God and the power of love.

Sweet and emotional, this tale of rediscovering love, faith, and hope is sure to touch your heart. It’s a must read for anyone who’s ever loved and lost, especially those still reluctant to take a chance on love.

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Interview with Elsie Hillman-Gordon

When did you realize you had a book (or some books) inside you?
My love for reading and writing started early. Even now, I can remember sitting at the kitchen table around the age of nine, writing stories on notebook paper and sharing them with my family, especially my father. He really loved books and encouraged us to explore the world through reading and writing. He was an animated storyteller—often Revised Cover_Love Is Everythingeducating and entertaining my brothers and me with his childhood stories.

Why is the theme of this project important?
Love Is Everything” is an inspirational fiction story of a woman coping with the loss of her parents in an accident and questioning her faith in God. And her friends set her up on a blind date with a man who turns out to be a true blessing.  My original concept included only a light theme of “grief,” but I expanded it after my mother passed away.  Feeling emotional, I introduced it into my story to not only help me externalize my grief but to help others understand their own emotions, after losing loved ones. Several readers have told me that before reading my book, they had never heard of the five stages of grief. So, for them, the story was both enlightening and uplifting.  The title of the book came to me while writing Chapter 20 (the last chapter) where I write about love—its meaning and impact on our lives.

What did you learn about yourself while writing this book?

Before writing the story, I believed that once I got going with it, I would see it through—no matter how long the journey.  And I learned that I was right—I have much patience and passion for projects that are important to me.  I also learned that writing is good therapy.

How do you find time to write?
I really don’t have a strict routine for writing. I don’t like to force creative writing so I prefer waiting until I feel a rush of story ideas. But if I’m up against a deadline, I set aside time in the evenings and especially on weekends to write.

If you could work on a writing project with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be? Why?
Great question! I’d like to work on a poetry writing project with Maya Angelou.

About Elsie Hillman-Gordon

March 20 AuthorAward-winning author Elsie Hillman-Gordon published her first fiction novella, Love Is Everything, in May 2014. Her book received the Gold/1st Place award for *Best Short Story* in the 2015 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program.

Elsie lives in Washington, DC with her husband. She holds a BA in English and executive graduate certificates in editorial practices and marketing. She has worked for several media organizations, including NPR. In her free time, she stays busy supporting community outreach projects sponsored through her sorority, church, and non-profit organizations.

Elsie’s passion is creative writing, but she also enjoys live theater, movies, reading, and long walks on autumn days. She believes in random acts of kindness and encouraging people to reach for their dreams.

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  1. Elsie Reply
    Hi, MaKasha Thanks very much for introducing your blog followers to my book, 'Love Is Everything.' If I can answer any specific questions about the story, please post them and I will check back later and reply. Best wishes with your book, 'First Family Secrets.' I just ordered the kindle version and look forward to reading it soon. Have a lovely day! Elsie Hillman-Gordon Author, Love Is Everything

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