7 Keys to Making Yourself Happy

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by Barbara McNally, author of Unbridled: A Memoir, and founder of Mother Lover Fighter Sage foundation in San Diego.

I came across Barbara and her work while scouting experts for some articles I’m writing for Bridal Tribe Magazine. She is inspiring and courageous. I hope you enjoy these tips as much as I enjoyed working with her.


Setting and Reaching Goals

Whether a goal is trivial or seemingly insurmountable, the satisfaction of achievement is something to savor. If you’re intimated or feeling overwhelmed, break it down into smaller steps. Celebrate the small wins and reward yourself when you accomplish the big goals. Don’t forget about how much self-confidence comes from reaching your goals.

Living an Honest Life

Deception drains a person’s spirit. Being authentic will attract and keep the people into your life who will share similar interests and be the most appreciative of who you are – the real you!

Finding Something You Love to Do

Passion restores and revitalizes. Don’t you just love the endorphins you feel when you are enjoying activities that bring you joy and allow you to express yourself creatively?

Accepting Yourself

Only then can you truly work on your weaknesses and still enjoy life.

Taking Care of the Mind-Body Connection

Eat right, exercise and meditate. Be mindful of what you put in and what you do with your body.

Finding a Quiet Time to Recharge

Find a quiet place that fosters reflection. It could be a quiet room or a relaxing space in nature.

Giving to Others

Helping others stimulates the reward centers in your brain, allowing for feelings of well-being. It gets you out of your own head and benefit from a feeling of gratitude.

About Barbara McNally

BMcNally_headshot_High ResolutionBarbara McNally is the author of Unbridled, a memoir chronicling her journey from stifled, predictable housewife to independent and joyous living. A mother and philanthropist living in San Diego, California, Barbara is also the founder of Mother Lover Fighter Sage, a foundation dedicated to providing women with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. To learn more, visit her website at: UnbridledFreedom.com. You can follow Barbara at @liveunbridled or at facebook.com/liveunbridled.

7 Ways to Be Happy

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  1. Louida Reply
    I love these tips. A few of those like setting and reaching goals, finding time for myself, and taking care of my body I'm currently working on now.
  2. Ivette @ All About Bham Reply
    Love this! Everything on the list makes a huge impact on how we live our lives.

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