The Michelangelo Effect: Keys to Extraordinary Success for Ordinary People by Nekesa Ouma-Namulu

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What do the elegant theories of Nicholas Bohr, Wallis Simpson’s improbable love life and a duvet cover that does not get tangled up with socks in a washing machine, teach us about how our brains work?
Is there something linking Europe’s ‘discovery’ of snow on the Kilimanjaro, Romania’s rebellious youth, and the quest for perfect white teeth? And finally, what can Isaac Newton’s colossal financial blunder teach us about the science of failure and success and how could we use this knowledge to solve our own personal problems?

Your current thinking is failing you…

WE ARE BEING ROBBED of our authentic lives and don’t even know who the robbers are. The author outs the THREE horsemen of personal apocalypse; MIS-Education, MIS-Information and, the absolute worst, MIS-Direction. The three mind viruses that have and have contributed to an epidemic of jadedness, helplessness and despair.

If you’ve ever wondered why…

  • dating and relationship advisors are so fixated on ‘make-overs’ (your online profile, your wardrobe, your face, your conversation skills)?
  • prosperity gurus are so bent on you ‘fixing’ yourself?
  • some of the most beautiful people never find love and many of the most intelligent ones never make good money?
  • people with disadvantages identical to yours are so hugely successful?
  • and finally, why ‘idiots’ do so well?

…you need to read this book.

The answer, is hidden in plain sight … With unparalleled clarity the book reveals the single common denominator behind the new wave of personal success stories that is sweeping across the globe. Slum millionaires, uneducated patent princesses, third world Forbes shortlists, village entrepreneurs and activists with a global impact, billionaire composers (who cannot read music)…’unattractive’ folk finding amazing life-partners, people who previously lacked confidence finding, meeting and keeping friends…these people do not seem to be at the mercy of employers, clients, market forces, looks, economic meltdowns, politicians, house prices or interest rates, personal or global history, geographic location, age, weight, [fill in your personal challenge], whatever. They are clueless about motivational workshops and all self-help staples, have never heard of The Law of Attraction, never paid for a wealth creation seminar, and don’t bother to look any different what they always have. They are from all b backgrounds and every ‘demographic,’ with every known disadvantage bafflingly represented.

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Interview with Nekesa Ouma-Namulu

When did you realize you had a book (or some books) inside you?

The idea for this book started to develop some time back, I’d say about ten years ago, when I still lived in London. Around that time, almost by accident, I started to mentor acquaintances on how to launch careers in what was then the very lucrative Computer Networking Systems industry I worked in. A pattern began to emerge. With no change in actual circumstances, they, including some who’d been totally unable to get work, even with good qualifications, all started to ace entry exams and interviews, wow employers and go on to do spectacularly well in their new careers. The shift worked just as well with those in other careers, and its effects extended to other areas of their lives. These people were becoming successful. Yet, nothing tangible about them had changed. Nothing but their thinking. Not just positive thinking; this was a fundamental deep-from-the-roots complete overhaul of the way they worked their brains. This book is a distillation of the method that changed their thinking, and therefore their lives.

Why is the theme of this project important?

Our current thinking is failing us. We are being robbed of our authentic lives and don’t even know who the robbers are. We have been programmed to waste time, effort, and indeed lives on trivialities that ultimately harm us. Most people are astonished to hear that they can think their way out of their problems. Even if they do believe it, do not know how. At the start, the book discusses what I call the three mind viruses; Mis-education, Misinformation and Misdirection, and how they’ve contributed to an epidemic of jadedness, helplessness and despair.
This book’s mandate therefore, is simple. To tell a simple truth:

“Whatever your present difficulty, your brain can find a way out of it.”

“Whatever your current difficulty, there is a science to it. A science that explains exactly how you ended up where you are. There is a pattern to your inability to pay bills, live where you want to, find love or use your talents to your benefit. A mesmerising storyteller has pulled a pretty screen across the entire mess, shielding it from view. It is my hope that this book pushes that curtain so far back that you are never again pulled by anyone’s strings but your own.”

What did you learn about yourself while writing this book?

The most astonishing realisation was what a vast network of supportive people I had around me. I’d imagined that writing would be a lonely road, attracting a fair number to detractors. To my surprise, I found that the opposite was true. Everyone I asked gave me their time, advice and support, in spades. I had a large troupe of supporters cheering me on. I had friends read the draft and say the message was powerful and needed to reach a wide audience. I had others allowing me to bend their ear over a particular worrisome detail. I was never turned away. I leave the experience feeling awed, and humbled.

How do you find time to write?

I planned some away from my regular work to write and found that when I started, I couldn’t not write. The compulsion was incredible. I wrote all day, every day and well into the night. I vanished from every social scene. This sounds like cliché but I suppose it’s a cliché because it’s true…the book took over my life. The take-over was so total, when the book was finished, for a while I didn’t quite know what to do with myself!

If you could work on a writing project with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be? Why?

It would have to be Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Strong, flawed, and infinitely courageous. People who focus on her faults forget what good she’s otherwise done, and under what terrible circumstances. As an African women presently living in a peaceful African country, I appreciate to some degree just badly things were stacked against her. Yet she prevailed. It would be an honour to work with her.

About Nekesa Ouma-Namulu

Nekesa Ouma-Namulu describes herself as a ‘true citizen of the world,’ having the privilege of calling many places home. She was born and brought up in Nairobi, the capital of that picturesque nation on Africa’s eastern coast, and moved to London where marriage and career made Europe her second home for almost two decades. Her career as a Computer Networking Systems consultant, which included a year with Cisco Systems, saw her spend many happy hours in data centres all over the world, fiddling with fibre-optic cables plugged to huge data switches alight with dozens of different blinking lights. Work saw her set up camp in Mexico City, Seoul and most recently Paris, which led her to conclude, “no-one does a strike quite so thoroughly as the French.” Nekesa has published a computing book, which sits happily next to others in UK libraries, as well as a children’s fable. Today, Nekesa and her family split time between homes in Kenya, Spain and the UK.

Learn more about Nekesa at or follow her on Twitter @noumanamulu.

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