7 Simple Things to Make Him Smile

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I admit it. I can often be a disgruntled wife. A few weeks ago I got really peeved about every article in my newsfeed or shared on Facebook being about things wives can do to make their husbands lives better. It seemed that no matter where I looked there was some woman or man giving advice on how to give him better sex, better food, better time, better you, blah blah blah. The “fair” Makasha wanted to know why women were always tasked with being better when men were not.

Then, the “public relations and media consultant” Makasha thought Duh, you write about being a good wife and are friends with women who do the same so your newsfeed is bombarded with advice. Crisis averted. Hence, the topic of this post.

I love to see my husband smile. The boyish quality underneath the man he is makes him fun. Below are a few things that I do to make him smile. While me cleaning the house makes him very happy, I promise chores are not on this list.

7 Things You

7 Things Wives Can Do to Make Their Husbands Smile

  1. Smile at him. I think all the time. In many cases I can be in such deep thought that my brow furrows. Now, I try to come out of my own head when we’re together. I smile at him and he smiles back.
  2. Complement him. When was the last time you paid attention to your husband? Do you like the gray in his beard? What about the way his jeans hang from his gate? There is something about him that you can mention to show him that you still notice him. PS-Don’t make this about what he does. Make it about his countenance.
  3. Feed him. You can even eat with him.
  4. Walk with him. This could be in the literal sense, such as an evening stroll in your neighborhood. Or, it could be in the figurative sense as in when he is going through something.
  5. Hold him. We always hear women saying “hold me” in romance novels. But, I’ve learned that touch is very important to men, too. Make a place for his head in your lap while you watch movies together.  I wrote movies because he’s very active while he watches football.
  6. Kiss him. Admittedly, I’m not a big kisser. But, my husband is. I had to learn how to be free enough to kiss him and I started liking it (blush).
  7. Be the girl he fell in love with. Being a mother and business owner is so overrated. I know. These are roles that I take joy in but my husband didn’t fall in love with “Mother” Makasha or “Worker” Makasha. He fell in love with “Wife” Makasha. I actually liked her too. Recently, I started paying attention to the things that make me happy. I’m a happier wife because of that. Now, I can laugh and be silly because I’m not so preoccupied with filling a role. I’m learning how to be Me  again.

What are some things you do to make your husband smile? I need to build my list.

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Makasha Dorsey is an award-winning author, motivational speaker and public relations professional. Her personal essay Diary of an Aspie Mom is included in The Motherhood Diaries (Strebor Books/Simon & Schuster). She blogs about being a writer, mother, wife, woman and Christian over at a wife in progress and has written for Absolute Write, The Midwest Book Review, Snaps1000Words, The Daily Times Leader, and ModVive Magazine. You can purchase a copy of her book First Family Secrets on Amazon.com.

10 comments on “7 Simple Things to Make Him Smile”

  1. anallievent Reply
    Those are all great tips to amp up a marriage and a good way to remember not to take each other for granted.
  2. Sarah Reply
    TY TY TY for posting this! I thought the same thing with all of the relationship posts going up on my facebook feed, none of which suited my style. Shared!
  3. April at My Captivating Life Reply
    Oh boy did I struggle with this as a new Mom. I was so concentrated on being a good Mommy that I forgot I was a wife and the thought of even being true to me was no-where on my radar. I have learned that making him happy makes me happy too. When I try to make him happy he returns the favor. I can't make him change or make him do anything so I have to be the one to be the change I want to see. ;)
  4. momentousmom Reply
    Seeing my husband smile and laugh is always one of my favorite things too. I have found if I make the conscious effort to be goofy with him it always works. He is a very serious person and with life being life I have taken some of that seriousness on, so I go out of my way to be truly goofy at least once a week. Dancing seems to always make him smile too.
  5. MJ Reply
    Totally agree with this list. I'm working on a few of these things because I definitely lost some of me in motherhood.
  6. Tiffany Khyla Reply
    I'm not married, but I think these still apply for my boyfriend and me. My boyfriend would definitely think 3 is a big one. He loves when I cook for him. I love this post so much!
  7. Cynthia W. Bridal Tribe Reply
    These tips are great. As a wife in waiting I am encouraged to know that these things are still appreciated after marriage.

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