The 30 Day M.O.M. Challenge

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October is almost over. If you thought the “back to school” season was busy wait for the onrush of fall and winter activities combined with school, sports and other extracuriccular activities. Because we have the tendency to be busy, it is good to step back and plan to be active and present in our children’s lives. This is exactly why I was eager to try out this challenge when a colleague approached me about The 30 Day M.O.M. Challenge, a way to jumpstart participation on The M.O.M. (Manage Organize Myself) Method.

Over the years, I’ve been a strong advocate of managing yourself and not your time. Based on what I’ve read about this process, it is all about you doing what you need to do in the time allotted. So, I signed up for the app to help my family manage and organize themselves. I also signed up for the challenge so that I can be present and active with my boys so that we don’t get lost in the business of the holiday season. So, starting November 1st I will participate in The 30 Day M.O.M. Challenge. If you decide to join me, please comment below so that I can be sure to stop by your blog.

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About The M.O.M. Method

The M.O.M. Method, an abbreviation for Manage and Organize Myself, is the first comprehensive, web-based parenting tool to combine time and task management tools for kids (ages 6 to 12), which also comes with a practical step-by-step parenting guide.

It teaches kids about task management in a more meaningful way by:

– introducing the element of time

– hone new skills in 3 progressive stages. Kids master one set of skills before moving onto the next.

– successfully and independently planning for the short- and long-term benefits at home, school, and other aspects of their lives.

The comprehensive program is designed as a recipe for good, positive parenting, including:

  • Time Management-The M.O.M. Method takes the family refrigerator calendar and kid’s chores chart to an entirely new level by providing responsibilities within the context of time-teaching kids to gauge and manage time for all the things they do
  • Task Management-Unique schedules and parenting methodology to help children to understand what they are responsible for doing and when-from personal care/hygiene to homework to household chores
  • Calendaring-Weekly and monthly calendars designed just for kids, serving as a road map and visual reminder so kids know what to expect each day so they are totally prepared and ready for action
  • Point System-An engaging point system to motivate children and help them understand the connection between their effort and the positive results it produces
  • Reporting-Insightful reports that enable parents to see trends in task performance, so they can make adjustments to their children’s schedules and responsibilities, as needed
  • Planning Tool-Proprietary online planning wizard that helps children learn the steps involved in short-term planning, from identifying what needs to get done to working backward and estimating time requirements
  • Communication Tools-Clear and concise worksheets and contracts to help parents and children work as a team to build trust and minimize power struggles
  • Parenting Resources-A step-by-step guide, parent forum (coming soon), blog, email tips and progress updates to support parents throughout the journey and optimize the family experience
  • Mobile App-A complement to our web-based program for convenient access (via iPhone/iPad) to checklists, tools and resources on the go

If you want to join me on The 30 Day M.O.M. Challenge register at If you want to sign up to use the FREE online task management system for your family, register at

How I Will Participate

Because many of the steps to the challenge require me to perform tasks with my family, I will post my thoughts on the challenge each day at 8 PM EST. There will be pictures and the posts will be done from one of my mobile devices–my phone or tablet. In the first week of December, I will write a review about The M.O.M. Method and give my thoughts on the challenge.

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13 comments on “The 30 Day M.O.M. Challenge”

  1. michelle Reply
    This sounds great! Like you, I'm a big believer in we succeed in what we plan for! I'm trying hard to schedule margin in my life so that if something doesn't go the way it should, which is fairly likely at some point, there isn't a major breakdown happening.
  2. momentousmom Reply
    This is a fantastic idea. My daughter is little so I should be pretty good about a lot of these things as we really only have two super busy schedules in the house. I will keep this in mind. Can you do it if you have small children?
    • Makasha Dorsey Reply
      It depends on how small. My 7 year old goes online and uses it to track his chores. You can also print out chore sheets. The chores/tasks have easy to understand images to match.
  3. ArIlington Mommy Reply
    This sounds like something I would really benefit from. Actually, it sound exactly like something I would do when LO gets a little older. I do a lot of these things in my personal life to keep myself in check.


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