Style Pro 31 | An Invention by NFL Athlete Bernard Pollard, Jr.

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As a mom of athletic boys and wife of a collegiate level coach, I’m always happy to see athletes makes waves outside of sports. I came across Style Pro 31 created by Tennessee Titan Bernard Pollard, Jr. According to, Bernard

“overheard a problem in need of a solution. That problem was a person’s need for more space and organization while getting ready in the bathroom. Bernard immediately began drawing up ideas and thinking of ways to create more space at the bathroom sink. A year later, after fine-tuning his concept, he found the solution.”

That solution is the Style Pro 31. It’s features are below:

sidebyside style 31


Easy to unfold and easy to store
Portable, lightweight and fits most sinks, including pedestal sinks
Drawstring bag included for storage and transporting
Can remain on sink while water is running (for example, while washing your hands)
Up to 288 square inches of increased countertop space
Unfolded the tray is 24 inches wide and 20 inches tall


Toiletries and/or other essentials can sit securely on the tray
No more appliances/cords in the sink
Decreased risk of items falling to floor
Heat resistant to all standard personal care appliances


Increased self sufficiency
No more sifting through bags
Decreased time in restroom

Interview with Bernard

Of course I had to do a quick Q & A with the busy athlete.

The website mentions you overhearing a problem that caused him to create a solution. What prompted you to move forward with the design?
I wanted to solve a problem many of women were dealing with, TOO much stuff!

Athletes, especially football players [I write this as the wife of a former collegiate football player and current collegiate football coach] are often portrayed as dumb jocks. It is refreshing to see an athlete develop such a useful product. Besides the Style Pro 31, what other business ventures do you have? Please include other inventions.

I created an app called “Bourre” in 2012. It’s a card game  that allows people to play against each other with their iPhones and or iPads.

How can parents encourage athletes to step beyond unfortunate stereo typed roles to those of the analytical thinkers and dreamers like you?

Parents must continue to encourage and love on their children reminding them they’re somebody and they have a purpose in life.

Please provide a list of ways or places the Style Pro 31 can be used.

College dorms, sorority houses, homes, apartments, cruise ships, RVs, hospital rooms, hotels and of course for makeup artists and hairstylists on the go.

Keep up with Style Pro 31 online

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