Breast Cancer Awareness: Check Your Selfie

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is winding down. I’m sure everyone remembered to perform their monthly self breast exam over the past 30 days and if you forgot, this is one of those posts spreading the propaganda to check yourself. So, you might just remeber to get it done today or tomorrow. Still, there are 11 other months of the year where the encouragement to touch your boobies is not so in your face. It is a good thing that the people over at Keep A Breast Foundation ( thought of an app to remind you to do those monthly self breast exams. Can’t remeber to check yourself? There is an app for that.

Check Yourself App

But, just in case you need a little help on conducting your own exam TODAY, Keep A Breast Foundation gave me this “touch” through to help you get it done now.

Check Yourself

  • MIRROR MIRROR: Look in the mirror and see what you’ve got going on. Put your hands over your head and then on your hips. Front boob and side boob are created equal, so be sure to include both.
  • MINI MASSAGE: Next keep looking in the mirror and put one hand behind your head. Now place three fingers to your breast and check for anything that strikes you as weird or not your “normal.”
  • UP AND DOWN: Move your three fingers in small circles with different levels of pressure. Choose easy, medium, and then hard while walking your fingers to the next area, instead of lifting them off your boobies.YOUR
  • PITS: Cover your entire breast up and down and into the armpit area. Leave no breast area unchecked! Side boobs are boobies too. Spend extra time in your pits where your lymphatic system lives and where many breast cancers develop – they may need extra circle massage love.
  • SQUEEZE: Lastly, squeeze each nipple. If there is any discharge or pain, see a doctor right away.

* To get monthly reminders sent straight to your phone and even more tips for at-home self-checks, download the FREE “Check Yourself!” mobile app. It’s available for iOS and Android now.
* To read more about the #CheckYourSelfie movement and to click through the selfie gallery, head over to
* To keep up with The Keep A Breast Foundation’s latest projects and get more tips on how to be your own health advocate, go to

I touched myself this month, did you?

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