Overcoming Bedwetting with Technology: TheraPee

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Confession: As a kid, I was THAT kid who wet the bed until she was … well, let’s just say I’m embarrassed to write how long I wet the bed. I can imagine how hard it is to parent a child or children who can hold their water all night.

Participating in online groups for parents of children with Austism, I often breeze by posts discussing bedwetting. Thankfully, my child had no problem in this area. Several days after I lurked on a heated exchange about bedwetting solutions, I received an email from TheraPee and decided to share the technology with my readers.


12Therapee  (www.bedwettingtherapy.com) is based on 30 years of practical and clinical experience treating tens of thousands of bed wetters.  Combining safe and proven cognitive behavioral therapeutic approaches, Dr. Jacob Sagie’s Therapee enables parents and children to address the sensitive issue and succeed in overcoming it in over 90 percent of cases from the comfort and privacy of their home.

How does it work?

7Essentially, TheraPee is an online portal which uses a customized combination of pre-recorded videos which are chosen via algorithm based on data input from the patient that together with the alarm (which is completely safe and does not come in contact with the child) and interactive progress charts provides the necessary tools, guidance and positive reinforcement to overcome bedwetting. How it works might sound complicated, but is actually very simple and user friendly.

Of course I had to find out if TheraPee works for children on the spectrum. So, after I sent over a few questions, the team over at TheraPee promptly answered.

What a Parent of a Child on the Spectrum Wants t to Know About TheraPee

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Has this product been tested for effectiveness for children on the Autism Spectrum? If so, what were your findings. If not, do you think this product will be as successful in this market?

In our walk in clinics, where we treat the patient in person over a series of visits, we have had a lot of positive experience with children of the Autistic spectrum. However, naturally, we can’t replicate all the techniques in our online program due to communication limitations based on the patient. We don’t yet know if TheraPee will work the same with Autistic children since this information isn’t always supplied by the parents online.

Is there potential for insurance companies to offset costs?

Bedwetting (Enuresis) alarms fall into the category of Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Even though our program is much more than simply a bedwetting alarm, you can check directly with your insurance provider. Your insurance policy should specify if your policy includes coverage for DME.

How long do families generally need to use Thereapee?

The average treatment length for a child is 3-5 months; some children complete the program successfully within 2 months and for others it can take 6-7 months. Parents should not be discouraged if the process is not completed immediately. As long as there is progress, whereby the child is wetting less frequently or smaller amounts, parents and the child should stick with the program through complete dryness.

Do you think the financial investment in this program help parents in the long run, ie, cost of disposable diapers, sheets, mattresses, laundry, etc.?

Absolutely –  the savings are typically several hundred dollars, as bedwetting can last for months and often years if not treated – not to mention the improvement in the child’s quality of life and less waste for the environment.

[I asked this question because TheraPee is priced starting at $199 plus $19.99 per month for web software.]

What is the best advice you have for parents who have children with bed wetting problems to help their child’s confidence?

Don’t settle for “eventually he will outgrow of it” because that could add months or years of frustration and anxiety for the child, be supportive and let your child know that they are not alone with this, don’t punish him/her for it – it will not ‘teach them a lesson so they won’t do it again’, and finally, educate yourselves to find the appropriate solution to end your child’s bedwetting nightmare.

As a recovered bed wetter myself, I think I would have appreciated my parents trying anything to help me. Since I have not used this product with my children, I would recommend that you visit the website to learn more.

You can start by watching the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f06sHwvrx8c.

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