Happy New Year 2014: Goals, Growth and Getting It Edition

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Can you believe 2013 is behind us? While it has been a great year for me professionally and personally, I have gone through tremendous growth due to family deaths, relationship challenges, and realizing that there were some people in my life who should not have been. That said, I am truly grateful to see another year.

One of the things that I will change in the coming months is how I commit publically to goals. Last year I tried to list weekly goals. That became cumbersome and I would often find myself trying to make up stuff to do. This year, I will set monthly and even quarterly goals so that I can spend more time doing instead of goal setting.

January Goals

  • Join Weight Watchers –  Recently, I moved to Central Florida. Due to this I have very few relationships which, for me, translates into little accountability. Yes, I am married to a strength coach but I need a different kind of support to help me become healthier. For a long time, joining Weight Watchers meant admitting that I could not tame the hunger monster inside my head. Who likes to be defeated, especially when you’re like me. I know what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced nutrition and exercise. However, I look at Weight Watchers like I do going to church. Church is not necessary to have a relationship with God but it does provide education, fellowship and accountability. Weight Watchers is not necessary for me to lose weight but it does provide education, fellowship and accountability.
  • Make Time to Spend with a New Friend -I have no friends. If I am honest with myself, I have not lived near people who I call “friend” in more than 6 years. This does not discount the people I’ve built relationships with over time but for me, friends are people who have the similar values and goals. You know, relationships that are mutually gratifying. There are people like LaKesha Womack who lived close to Montgomery whom I admire and appreciate. Some of them, especially LaKesha, I would call friend. Regretfully, I did not put myself in a position to really enjoy time with her, my sister in law LeAndrea, Alana, Arnetta and Michelle. So many other things came first.
  • Finalize the Self-Edits for Good, Before & After He Finds You-So many things and people come before me. I run a PR firm (owned by me), have two adorable boys, and am married to a phenomenal man. Because I was raised to be a good steward, I put my energy into making sure that I honor my commitments. For a long time that meant giving my all to my family and work and nothing to me. That is bad. I’ve always aspired to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I can’t do that if I don’t take care of me. One of the things that will take care of me and move me closer to my calling is writing. I know that I was born to write, minister to and help women. I can’t do that if I don’t make time to actually do it.
  • Send The Boy in the Chicken Coop to Test Readers-The original version of the story is entitled Crazed. It was published in an anthology a few years ago but I left it short to meet the word count. The story has been expanded into a novella and will be published by the end of February.
  • Clean Out My Closet (Literally and Figuratively)-As I type this, I am on an airplane returning home from the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. UCF was the underdog and they rose to the occasion to win the game and made the collegiate sports world take note. Go Knights! While I was in Arizona I realized that I have been holding on to too much stuff that I can’t fit, don’t wear or need. God can’t bless me if my hands are closed. When you give you have to open your hands to allow another person to take what you posses. If I open my hands I will make room for blessings. If I give away some clothes I will get the items I need in my wardrobe that will support my life. If I clean out the stories and articles I have on my computer and submit them for publication, I will get published and even paid. If I get rid of relationships that serve no purpose I will open my life to meeting new people who I can pour into and receive from.

Well, that’s it for now. I think I have enough on my plate to be successful. What about you? Have you set any personal goals? If so, please link yours in the comments so that I can visit your blog post or webpage.

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Makasha Dorsey is an award-winning author, motivational speaker and public relations professional. Her personal essay Diary of an Aspie Mom is included in The Motherhood Diaries (Strebor Books/Simon & Schuster). She blogs about being a writer, mother, wife, woman and Christian over at a wife in progress and has written for Absolute Write, The Midwest Book Review, Snaps1000Words, The Daily Times Leader, and ModVive Magazine. You can purchase a copy of her book First Family Secrets on Amazon.com.

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