No Condemnation by Dr. Vivi Monore Congress

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About The Book

The city of Tobe, a snowball’s throw away from Buffalo NY, is known for its frosty climate…and its drama. Despite the chilling temperatures, love is in bloom for some of its residents while lowering the boom on others. Either way, getting the most out of lovebook cover (2) and life is largely based on healthy decisions because there are times when, simply put, love isn’t always enough.

Young, enterprising Trené Sloan is successful in business but not so much when it comes to relationships. Recklessly in love with Chaz Thomas, the philandering father of her children, Trené continues to dole out love and forgiveness in the face of his unrelenting quest for short-lived affairs with every woman that crosses his path.
But will she find the courage to make the hard decision to leave the toxic relationship and reclaim her misplaced faith before tragedy occurs?

No Condemnation (from the Just NO Series) is next level inspirational fiction; heartwarming, emotionally-engaging while keeping things real.

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Interview with Dr. Vivi Monore Congress

When did you realize you had a book (or some books) inside you?

Actually, I often joke that I’m a writer by suggestion, almost like a dare; a co-worker one day walked up and told me I should write a book. She went on to explain there were a lot of hurting folks in the world and then indicated that I—me, of all people—could be a catalyst for inspiration. I prayed about it, began writing and never looked back. It was never an aspiration to write but a beautiful, purposeful accident.

Why is the theme of this project important?

The books in this series are inspirational, sharing a theme of living with ourselves and one another, flaws and all. There’s humor and a lot of “real” in each one and I feel it’s important to express God’s love and forgiveness to those who are hurting, doubting and detached from a real relationship with God; to experience the freedom that comes with knowing no matter what you’ve done, whatever your failings and offenses—former, present or future—they’ve been justified through Christ. And where there is forgiveness, there’s NO CONDEMNATION (John 5:24, Romans 8: 1-2).

What did you learn about yourself while writing this book?

I typically write non-fiction, self-help inspirational type books, so writing a novel was somewhat of a stretch of both skill and imagination. It’s fairly easy to write a book that encourages others but to weave encouragement and motivation into a novel that also entertained, now that was a challenge. And the challenge taught me, that it was okay to not allow myself to become comfortable or mentally locked into any one thing.

How do you find time to write?

What I’ve learned is not to force writing; I’m a firm believer that it bleeds through to my work. I don’t try to write from a “false” place but from one of authenticity. So, if I’m in a moment (good or bad), I use that energy through a character and so far, it’s worked. In short, I write when it hits me though I jot all day.

If you could work on a writing project with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be? Why?

J. California Cooper or Sidney Sheldon (now deceased). These legends have spun words that have entertained, captivated and transported me to another place and time. I was probably in my 20’s when I came to know of Mr. Sheldon’s body of works and I ravished them all! Fast forward and I’m doing the same with Ms. Cooper’s. To collaborate with either would only serve to elevate my writing consciousness and deepen my appreciation for the craft and my gift.

About Dr. Vivi Monore Congress

head shotDr. Congress is a Best-Selling, Award-Winning Wordsmith, Literary Advisor, Publisher and creator of C.H.O.C. Lit™ Flavored Books (Christians Having Ordinary Challenges).
She holds a BA in Human Relations, Masters in Theology, Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Counseling and is a Certified Christian Life Coach.

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