Adopted by God, Part I: Welcome to the Family

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While talking to my oldest son a few weeks ago, he told me that it can be hard being a part of a family. When I asked why he explained that everyone has different personalities, things they want/need to do, and habits. He went on and one for a few minutes but I got it. As a parent, my greatest desire is to see my children grow up in a home that is filled not only with love but overflows with love in action. For us, that means parents who get along and reflect the love a Christ and it also means children who feel like they are wanted, loved, and special. We want to be the example of Christ for our children so that they can be an example of Christ for the world. In order to do that, we must provide the right tools for them to be successful within our family.

adopted by god p1The conversation with my son made me think about how hard it can be transitioning into the Body of Christ without the proper tools. Normally when a child is born people gather to welcome that child into the family. Outside of a little fanfare at church you probably didn’t have a proper family welcoming. Don’t worry. The angels rejoiced and this post is here to help you begin your journey as a member of the best family in the Universe.

Every person can enjoy a fulfilling, personal relationship with God by realizing that His love has ordained us as full heirs to His kingdom. (Read Ephesians 1:4-5)

He chose you. When God created the world He had a plan and a backup plan. In other words, He made a way for you to be with Him way before any human was created. He knew you would be here one day and loved you before your existence. In other words, he wanted you before you ever wanted him.

When you chose Him, He chose to see you holy and blameless. There are so many theories about holiness. I give you mine. Knowing that God wanted you even when you were in sin establishes a great foundation for your relationship with Him. A personal relationship with God will give you all of the conviction you need to live holy before Him.

Being blameless is about you being able to get over your past. When you go to God and ask for forgiveness He not only forgives you, he forgets every transgression (Micah 7:19). His forgiveness and forgetfulness makes you worthy even though you may feel like you are not.

You are an heir. If you don’t know what an heir is let me explain it to you in the most basic way. When you are an heir you have all the rights and privileges given to your family even if you are adopted. So, if God is a provider know that you have provision. If you believe that he is a healer then you can be healed. What he has is yours, just ask for it.

By the way, welcome to the family.

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