Resources & Goals: 2/25 – 3/3 It’s Still Raining Edition

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Last week’s goals ended up being challenged by the rain. And, it looks like the rain just might have the same effect on me this week. Just in case you didn’t know, if I were a superhero rain would be my kryptonite. Fortunately, I’ve found a way to combat some of the effects: a determination to work, not yielding to the temptation of sleep, and a blue light—something I have yet to try.

The good news is I exceeded my numerical writing goal for last week. I wrote just over 2,700 words when I was only shooting for 2,500. I didn’t write any 79ers. I finished Attorney Client Privilege and will post on GoodReads soon. I’m happy about losing a pound because I really didn’t work out last week. The bad news is that I ate a piece of steak without thinking but I have been good about getting some Jesus time in everyday. Thank God for Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, and a few podcasts.


  1. I’m still working on submitting to Lent. Hopefully, I can make it through the week without beef and remain focused on getting in 30 minutes of study time.
  2. This will be a tough work week so I’m setting my writing goal at 1,500 words. I’m learning that if I set realistic goals they are easier to reach. And, I will catch up on my 79ers from last week and write one for this week.
  3. Post the Attorney Client Privilege review on GoodReads. Just in case you hang out over there, you can follow me here. I follow back.
  4. Start my 2nd 30 days of the Dorsey Training Solutions workout plan. Just in case you didn’t know, my husband is a collegiate level strength and conditioning coach. He blogs over at I’ve lost around 9 pounds over the last thirty-something days.
  5. From March 1 – June 30, I’m participating in the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Spring/Summer 2013 Challenge. You can follow the micro-blogging journey for it on my tumblr site, I will wear a dress on Friday!
  6. Finalize a date for the online Perpetual Personal Branding workshop.
  7. Go to the ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Victoria Christopher Murray book signing at Books-a-Million on Wednesday with the Copyrighted Book Club. Go here for details.


  • My friend @LaKeshaWomack (follow her on Twitter) told me about UberConference. I used it this week for a Dorsey Group conference call and loved it. It even told me who talked the most during the call.
  • Michal’s Stores have mobile apps in the Google Play and iTunes stores. This is good news for me because I can stop printing coupons and even save projects.
  • One of my parenting goals is to make sure that my children know God. In order to achieve that they have to read the Bible. Bible Based Homeschooling created a list of free Bible apps to help you get your little ones in the word.
  • Because I’ve come across so many aspiring authors who need their books edited but don’t know where to begin, Writer’s Write released a great infographic on the Four Types of Book Editing.
  • I didn’t write a Wifey Wednesday post last week, but Do Not Disturb posted about sex being exploration.

Remember, a goal is but a dream if there is no action taken towards it. I have so much to do this week but I intend to get it done. Thank you for keeping me accountable. What are you doing this week? Let me know and I just might give you a nudge.

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