My First Valentine: Why Valentine’s Day is My Favorite Holiday

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Picture Love by  luigi diamanti

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is cheesy. I get it. I get that people should show their love year round. Chocolates and flowers mean nothing if there is no feeling behind it. But, if someone has taken the time to get a loved one something doesn’t it mean at the very least that the buyer felt like letting their loved one know that their love is special enough to be celebrated when everyone else is celebrating their love?

My love for Valentine’s Day goes far beyond the pretty doilies, pink paper, and red ribbons. It reminds me of my very first Valentine, my dad. Growing up, I could always count on him for a card and chocolates.

For girls, a father’s love sets the standard for how she is supposed to be loved when she becomes an adult.

My dad spent time with me.

He taught me how to drive.

He taught me about money.

He taught me about relationships.

Even though I lived in a home with my mother and stepfather, my dad showed me that I was valuable. He invested in me even when I messed up and didn’t deserve the good things he gave.

And, I messed up a lot. I ran up telephone bills. I skipped school. I ran up more telephone bills. I got in crazy situations. I ran up even more telephone bills. My dad would have been thankful for unlimited text and web. But, he always rescued me with consequences riding along with him in the saddle. He was my very first knight in shinning armor.

As an adult, I’ve carried that love of Valentine’s Day into my marriage and family. My husband knows that the day is special to me because of my dad. He has always gone out of his way on Valentine’s Day out of respect for my dad and out of valuing my feelings about the holiday. My boys (hubs included) have grown to expect hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day. It has become a treasured, family tradition. And, my boys always makes the best cards for me.

Valentine’s Day is a good place to start to teach your children about love. Explain to them the purpose of love in action. Let them know that you love them unconditionally. Show them how to treat their mates through your relationship with your mate and with them.

While love should be honored everyday, Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate our love, in unison with the world around us.

Photo Credit: Picture Love by  luigi diamanti

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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