Death at the Double Inkwell by Shonell Bacon

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Sometimes life is stranger than fiction; take the lives of mystery novelists and twins, Jovan Parham-Anderson and Cheyenne Parham. They are young, beautiful, talented,double inkwell and on their way to their sixth best-selling novel; that is, until Jo learns her husband, Cordell Anderson, founder of Anderson Technologies, is having an affair with Alisha Stewart, his right hand at Anderson. Before she can confront him, tragedy strikes her home, and Jovan must deal with the fact that the careful, safe life she had with Cordell was merely smoke and mirrors.

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Interview with Shonell Bacon

When did you realize you had a book (or some books) inside you?

I was ten. I probably had the realization before then, but at ten, I started writing scripts for the soap opera The Guiding Light in my diary and writing articles on my fave baseball team, The Baltimore Orioles. As I worked on more scripts, the idea of writing short stories and novels came to me.

Why is the theme of this project important?

There are a few themes in Death at the Double Inkwell. The importance of sisterhood is one theme as well as learning to keep moving toward truth in the face of adversity. In my life, I’ve seen the importance of having strong bonds with strong women who love hard and who work to build one another up. I like to present that in my stories. The latter theme is one that’s seen in almost every story and definitely in every life. I think it’s good to remind people that if they keep on moving toward the right, eventually things CAN work out right.

What did you learn about yourself while writing this book?

That I could write a mystery. Before DDIW, I had never written a mystery before. During a novel writing class many moons ago, I decided to jump into a new genre and chose mystery. It’s one of my fave genres to read, but to write, not so much. But I wanted it to be. I wanted to learn that intricacy that’s needed to blend intrigants, to keep readers reading and wondering and figuring out.

How do you find time to write?

LOL That time. Still trying to find that! In the end, it’s about priorities. How important is writing to you, really? How important is it in comparison to all the other things you do? If it’s important, then you will find the time. You’d be amazed at how much you could get done, writing-wise, if you took just an hour every other day to write.

If you could work on a writing project with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be? Why?

You know, maybe I’m not adventurous enough, but I can’t think of one person. LOL. I kind of like being in my own head and my own characters’ stories. It’s a lot of work, writing with another person. Now . . . having said that, if I could get onto a writing team for a Shonda Rhimes’ show, then I’d be there so fast. LOL

About Shonell Bacon

07282012 Shonell Bacon is an author, doctoral candidate, editor, and educator. She has published both creatively and academically while also interviewing women writers on her popular blog ChickLitGurrl: high on LATTES & WRITING ( In 2012, her second mystery, Into the Web and her short story “I Wanna Get Off Here” (in the short story collection, The Corner Cafe) were published. Her next release, Saying No to the Big O, will be published in December. You can learn more about Shonell’s writings at her website ( Currently, Shonell is busy pursuing her Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University … and trying to find the time to WRITE.

You can learn more about Shonell Bacon at

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    You are quite welcome. I learned that we have more things in common ... I was a huge Guiding Light fan and started writing scenes for their characters first. I actually cried when the show went off the air. :)

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