My Money Matters by Lakesha Womack

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While LaKesha Womack worked as a Financial Adviser for American Express Financial Advisers’ she realized that the average American didn’t know a fraction of what they should about managing money.  However, most books in the marketplace focus on my-money-matters-stampeducating but fail to practical tools for the reader to work through their Money Matters.   LaKesha created three workbooks – for kids, teens/young adults and adults – that feature a weekly money management tip as well as a weekly budget sheet to track the money coming in and going out for each group.  The workbooks are perfect for a family to use together.  Each weekly lesson is written in relevant language for the age group (get a sneak peek ->

The workbooks are broken up into four sections, each consisting of thirteen weeks that focus on a money management concept:

  • Weeks 1-13 establish a foundation based on the Basic Money Management Principle – I will not spend more than I earn
  • Weeks 14-26 focus on goal setting and examining how proper money management can help you to achieve your goals
  • Weeks 27-39 provides a basic overview of some key financial terms and how they relate to your money matters
  • Weeks 40-52 examines investing and the role this strategy should play in your financial future

If it takes 28 days to create a habit, this will be a great year!

About LaKesha Womack

lakesha womack LaKesha Womack is a Business Consultant with over ten years of experience helping entrepreneurs start and grow a successful business.  LaKesha also hosts an online radio show, The LaKesha Womack Show, to interview successful professionals to provide tips for her listeners to live a fabulous life.  Additionally, she is a minister in the AME Zion Church while serving on a National Committee representing Young Adults in the South Central Region.  In addition to “My Money Matters”, LaKesha has authored “Success Secrets for the Young and Fabulous”, “Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle” and “Is She The ONE?”

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