Are You Giving Twitter Love?

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A few months ago while doing research for a Dorsey Group project, I discovered a gospel singer named Chris Lee Cobbins. So, I downloaded The Medicine ( affiliate link) and immediately began to relate to his music, which has a strong R&B sound. I would describe it as love songs to God. However, there is a track titled Twitter Love that caused me to do some serious thinking.

The lyrics to the chorus are below:

I retweet it
When I like it
I ignore it
When I don’t
I guess I’m not that much of a supporter
Cause I keep going
Back and forth

See when I like it
I follow you
I follow you
I follow you

and when I don’t I just
unfollow you
unfollow you
unfollow you

I be giving you that Twitter love

If you’re a heavy social media user like me you can probably relate to muting or even unfollowing spammers or those with extreme political and religious views. There is something about being able to control the information we receive. If we don’t like or agree with someone who is not necessarily connected to us in a real, personal way, social media makes it really easy to block them out of our lives.

While Cobbins sings about an off and on again type of relationship with God, I wonder how many of us treat our mates this way?

5 Signs that You might be giving Twitter Love

    1. You withhold sex when you don’t get your way.
    2. You harbor unresolved hurt and unforgiveness that won’t allow you to be emotionally intimate. So you are only present on occasions when you can get past your feelings or when you need emotional support.
    3. You pray for your marriage inconsistently because you are often angry or dissappointed.
    4. You find pleasure in everyone except your mate when you don’t see eye to eye.
    5. You bring pain for pain, and pleasure for pleasure.

It is really easy to be happy with your husband when he gives great gifts, keeps the lawn nicely manicured, or takes the kids off your hands a few nights a week. But, what happens when he makes tough decisions that you don’t agree with? Or, when he forgets to take out the trash? There is nothing to like about those things so we disconnect and, in some cases, unfollow our mates.

When we unfollow or disconnect from our mates, it lowers our defenses and makes our unions penetrable. With so many distractions forced upon us by the media, it is wise not to make the choice to create barriers in our homes and relationships. If you’ve been giving Twitter Love, find ways to give I Corinthians 13:4-8 love.

Love is patient


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  1. Lori Reply
    So true. And so easy to do. We HAVE to be so deliberate about maintaining our relationships - especially with our husbands!!! Dropped by from Wifey Wednesday!

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