Worth Far More Than Rubies

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A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. –Proverbs 31:10

It’s taken me a while to establish my personal direction. For years I have gone back and forth with my own idea of who I am confusing her with what I do. On my old blog, my tagline is writings, ramblings, and crafts by a write-at-home-mom. Every word perfectly describes what I do—of course, I am a mom but only because I am a wife.

Far More Than Rubies

And, I was a wife before my husband found me, before he proposed, before we both said I do.

This I am a wife epiphany has been a hard pill to swallow. We live in a society that celebrates the independence of women. The role of a wife is an interdependent role which requires women to work collectively with and sometimes submit to the desires of our mates. We fail to realize husbands have to do the same thing.

My husband has been telling me for years: I need you to be my wife.

We’ve been married for seven years and I finally get what he has been saying. He needs me to be the wife he married. He wants me to care enough about me to tend to my needs so that I can adequately tend to his needs, to the needs of our children, and to my work, community, and spiritual obligations. It’s not a selfish request, it’s a selfless one.

He wanted me to be the authentic Makasha he married just as much as I did. For years I tried to be me but I got lost in the effort. I got lost in the mounds of laundry, the joy of motherhood, the words I write, and the hassle of moving four times in less than five years. The more I chased after who I thought I was supposed to be, the further I dropped into a sense of incompleteness and confusion.

Finally discovering and accepting my primary role allows me to properly begin with the end in mind. I can start here, on this blog, with an unabashed passion about my life. I am now able to talk about the things which are important to me without worrying about being a mom-blogger. Some women can readily answer that call; it is what their destiny beckons them to be. I don’t think there are too many marketers looking for wife-bloggers but that’s not what I am. A wife is who I am and it encompasses every role I could ever imagine tackling.

I am a wife.

I am a wife who writes.

I am a wife who is a mom.

I am a wife who is a Christian.

I am a wife who is a friend, a sister, and a daughter.

I am a wife in progress.

Who are you? What would you define as your primary role? Do you welcome the role of wife? Or, do you cringe at the thought of getting lost in someone else? Let’s Talk.

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